Karro's Forest Home

Who's Karro?

Here's her ref sheet (yes, I did yoink the front page art from it):
Image description below.
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Name Karro
Pronouns she/they
Species Protogen
Current Age Same as my age
LGBTQ+ Labels Straight (well gay if you go by sex)
Avris Layer Cake pD2
Personality Introvert
Huggable :3
Diet Vegetarian
Height 6'1"

Her main colors are shades of green (fur) and brown (plates). The brown-coloured parts are made of wood, except for the outside of the tail which is made of rubber. She has white claws and two white horns. Her visor is also white, and made using E-Paper display technology. She has two sets of floofy ears (for scritching :3).

Her screens normally show a dark purple tree icon, but if she's alarmed they will display an exclamation point. She can customize her displays to show whatever she wants!

She is 6'1" (185 cm), which may seem tall at first but this height is only a bit taller than average for protogens her age. She is a vegetarian (IRL me is not if you are wondering).

Her likes are...
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Flirting
  • Playing video games
  • Creative writing
  • Head pats :3
  • Linux!
  • D&D

She also has a ToyHouse page!