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Portrait of a member of the protogen race with a happy expression. She has soft sea-green fur, medium-brown plating, and a white visor. "Welcome to my own little corner of the web!" I created this site on the 15th of April, 2023. I dabble in coding and digital design, as you can probably tell! The character to the left is my fursona Karro :3 Here's her character page.

What's New?

Update - New things will hopefully be coming to this site over the summer! I've only been updating the about me page and the secret page for now, because I don't have much time between schoolwork and my hobbies. Also EVERYONE LISTEN TO ACLOUDYSKYE RIGHT NOW! Hahaha okay cy'all

2023-12-22 - Added some better mobile support.

2023-08-22 - If you pause the audio on the bottom of the page, it'll remember it now!

2023-08-20.5 - Added contact info!

2023-08-20.4 - I updated a ton more things! Ads have been moved to Advertisements. For some reason the page freezes up sometimes, I hope it's just a problem on my laptop but lmk if it happens to you guys too. It might be all the text shadows lol

2023-08-20.3 - Added titles and alt text for the sidebar buttons and iFrames.

2023-08-20.2 - Added some more links. Made some changes so the site works better for users with JavaScript disabled! It also holds up with images and CSS disabled, if you're curious.

2023-08-20.1 - Updated many of the pages, sorry I hadn't checked in here for a while! I was on vacay for a while then went to visit relatives :)

2023-05-25 - Some minor updates.

2023-04-25 - Finished my about me page, also I made a new blog post! Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing it's kinda bland, but I enjoyed writing it!

2023-04-22 - Added markers for external links, started work on an about me page, updated the sitemap.

2023-04-20 - Spiced up the CSS a bit, as well as adding more links.

2023-04-20 - Started working on a seperate page for cool links, also I added slow mode for people with slow computers/phones!

2023-04-20 - Fixed the null webring buttons, had to use some iframe trickery. Also I made a Dreamwidth blog! I don't really know what I'm gonna be posting there yet but I guess we'll see! I added a guestbook too.

2023-04-19 - Okay I think I finally fixed the audio, Neocities really doesn't like me uploading mp3s haha!

Updates before this are not available :(


(People may try to impersonate me, I will have a purple name with a star.)

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